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Delay Notification Issue on Fiverr App in Android

Hi there!

I switch to an android device a month ago. I face an issue Fiverr delay notification.
The app send me a notification after 10 to 15mins

Is there is any solution to this problem? I try most of the things but not a success.


No, that’s just how the app works. It’s really frustrating.

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I am affected by this too. It started happening to me a few months ago. The app is being up to date on my phone all the time, but I never get notifications, unless I unlock my phone.

You can leave your phone unlocked all the time to always stay on, but it consumes a lot of battery, so I don’t do it personally. But that’s the only way to get notifications immediately without having to check it regularly.


My phone app notifies me of messages more quickly than my computer. I love having it with me when I am out and about. Then I do not need to worry about missing messages when I am away from my computer.

Maybe the app works differently in different countries? :thinking:

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I think it’s work better in iPhone or any like that powerful device…most of the android devices having problem


I would say it works differently on different phone models. Countries don’t have anything to do with this.

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Pretty sure the android app comes with google’s firebase cloud messaging. It may take 15-30 mins to sync the messages, especially when the phone is in sleep mode.

The instant notifications would need the app to always run in background which will drain the battery, that’s why it’s designed to check for notifications every X mins.


My Gmail app never fails me

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I have been facing this problem for last couple of months and day-by-day the situation is deteriorating. Sometimes the notification sound rings even after 3 to 4 hours. I am loosing my buyers as most of them are very busy and they do not wait for so long time to get a reply. I can see this type of topics are opened for long days but it seems Fiverr authority is not giving priority in resolving this issue. What I can tell you that, this delayed notification occurs only for Fiverr app to me, other apps like Facebook, IMO or Gmail gives notification sound almost instantly. Even after keeping out the Fiverr app from Optimizing and other options which might cause delayed notification, none works! I am using Samsung Galaxy A20s and my OS is Android 10.0.

Would you ever solve this problem please?