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Delay to Answer a Spam Message!


I like the new feature in Fiverr to mark messages as spam on behalf of the users. Logic would like that such messages won’t be marked as “Delayed” when the user doesn’t answer them, but it’s not the case. I keep seeing that clock icon turning red when I decide to not answer a spam message or in case I just don’t see it.

Guys, I know that you have to keep creating features, but just please cancel it and leave the user deal with it meanwhile you find a good project manager that would have thought about this type of scenarios before a final release.


If you do not answer a spam message it will affect your response rate. If you type “spam message and response rate” in the search bar above you will find numerous posts on the subject.


Yeah it happened to me too, I am already 4 months Back to Level1 because of that…
That info should be available…
But the rate system is not making calculations right. I’ve made some tests and my rate didnt come to 90% as it should. So the algorithm is not good, it has some bugs.

And the Spam word is misleading, because if we want just to ignore a message that is not a spam, but we dont want to deal with a specific buyer because we know that it will not go good, we still need to use the spam message, even if its not “spam bot”…