Delay to clear my pending funds


Hello, I have some pending clearance dollars in my account, Whose should be cleared and added to my available balance. Clearing date was 18 March 2017. Still today (25 May) its under pending.
I have contacted with support, but they are saying its a technical problem will fix very soon. But its already passed two months. I am requesting to the related support team to help me out. Its totally unexpected from fiverr support.


If support told you it’s a technical problem, I don’t think anyone in the forum can help you.


Almost gone 3 months. What can I do now ?


contact support again


They have respond several times but always told "We apologize for the delay but our Tech team is still looking into the issue with your revenue. They are working quickly to resolve the issue right away. We will respond back once they have updated us. "


In here we give advices that might help, sometimes it is just a guess or what one feels the answer might be, but those guys we call CS have the powers to fix your issues and problems, and if they told you that they are working on it then that is the best and final answer, the forum can’t solve your problems, didn’t you notice that people always say contact the CS?


Till now waiting for response from FCS