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Delay to show message

Hi guys, does anyone know why one client from France texted me on Fiverr on 23rd March, but it didn’t show, and I am able to see it today. However, I am very active on this platform and regularly check my inbox. It’s really very embarrassing.


Hello @lazybot

This is highly unlikely and has never happened with me or any of the sellers I know.

If Fiverr systems suspect a message as spam, it might not show up in your inbox and would be automatically put in the spam folder.

With this client, what might have happened is that the message would have been suspected as spam and was put to spam folder automatically but it was later removed so it shows in your inbox.

Nothing to worry about, these type of occurrences are very rare.


Usually, when you received messages, Fiverr sent you an email. Did you miss both?

No mail or message were there, I just got notification yesterday and it was mentioned as 23rd March. May be it was suspected as spam by Fiverr that’s why it didn’t show but it’s very weird if any client message and it doesn’t show on time. Actually I missed an order because of this issue, hope it will not happen again.

It’s weird. What about a message context, is there are any links, program file or something suspicious?

I have something similar on an almost daily bases whenever I talk with the clients. For example, I receive a message and instantly check it out. But at the top of a message box, where the client’s brief details are available, it shows that they were last online 1h ago, 2h or 15 minutes.

So it does feel there’s somesort of a delay. But for days? That’s… odd.

I don’t know, why they thought it is a spam.

You should remove the buyer name before you posted a screenshot. it against forum policy

I’m sorry, I’ve never experienced something like that. You should contact the support team about this. seem to me it’s legit messages


Yes, let’s see, if it happens again, I will contact with the support team.