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Delayed Notifications and Messages

Hello there,

I am not sure if anyone is facing the issue or not but what i am experiencing is that my mobile app doesn’t sync well with fiverr. Here are possible issues i have faced which resulted in dropping of Response rate.

  1. When someone messages on web and i am not available on web rather i am on phone. i do not get instant notification.
  2. When i get notified after delay (could be few minutes to few hours), i try to respond to the message. On mobile it shows as sent. But, when i am on web, it shows all the messages to me as ‘New message’ and i have to get into inbox and scroll up/down and click within message area. Then it is marked as ‘Read’ .
  3. I am not sure if my android version is the issue or something at fiverr end.

Anyone having these issues?

Thank you


The apps can be buggy, but then so can the Fiverr site. However, I have few issues on my iPhone. :wink:


Yes, I am having the same issues.


I know it’s 2 months old post but i am facing same problem after switching to android.
Before i was using iPhone and all the notifications were receiving on time but now that i switched to Samsung i am getting delayed notifications.
I found out that android OS do this to save battery and stuff so i went to the setting and set fiverr app so it can get notifications without delaying.
It’s working fine but today it missed some messages. Do you guys facing the same problem on android?


i have Android 10. I am facing the similar issue. My response rate is declining.

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Yes, delayed notifications. May be due to android / iOS permissions. But, notifications are bombarded when App and Web services get connected :slight_smile:

I am facing the same issue on android

Yes! Same here. Very frustrating when one of your Seller Rating requirements is how fast you respond. I am one of the most punctual people in the world. The massive delay from Fiverr servers to my app is extremely frustrating and unacceptable. You critique me, yet do not provide the resources in order for me to succeed. POOR LEADERSHIP on Fiverr’s part. I am hitting it out of the park on every other requirement and have been successful on this platform.

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