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Delayed order

AS we know fiverr has changed the order MODIFICATION. Now we have to deliver and then if the buyer needs the modification we have to do these too in the Delivery time. I am Ok with it.

But What is the Solution of this?

I got an order which has to be deliver in one day time.I deliver it before the time. But the buyer didn’t check it and after two days, He requests for the MODIFICATIONS.

Now the order is showing the counter as later and in the TODO page, its showing that order has to be delivered before two days. Now my Question is what if the Buyer can mark it as late delivery or not? As it can be done earlier when the order didn’t deliver on time.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks In Advance Mates

Hi, don’t worry about that, when it says late after he asks for modifications it will not harm your account rating, it’s only bad if you don’t deliver till the order is late…

i have had one buyer who is messing me around asking for modifications because he FAILED to inform me of certain parameters when asking me to write for him/her. I have just replied and told the buyer it will cost an extra $5 - if I am not told something surely I have the right to demand this? yes? no?

Matt, Yes for sure. In every situation when dealing with integrity driven business always do you best to you diplomacy in order to solve a conflict. However, in every case that a buyer refuses to give vital information, do hold that standard for the sake of your business and the quality of your work. It is not their reputation that is on the line. Yes by all means offer the client the option to bounce ideas and inspirations off you as a sounding board. Sometimes they don’t know what they want in terms of design, but rather in terms of reaction. Sometimes I use adjectives instead of design terms to help my client get their ideas out. Hope this helps!

Reply to @onlinedzshop: Are you sure about this? My delivery % seems to decrease after I deliver modifications that are considered “late” because the buyer didn’t hit the Request Mod button until after my initial time expired.

Reply to @designbybliss: if that was the case then my delivery rate should be 0%, but no it’s 97% only because sometimes I deliver late orders, a lotttt of buyers ask for modifications and it says that the order is late but it does not seem to affect my delivery rate at all

Reply to @onlinedzshop: See, I haven’t delivered a late gig for over two weeks, but I’ve had to do some mods here and there after the expired time and I went from 94% to 92% just this week. That’s why I’m wondering what impacts that percentage.