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Delete a gig and create one

I’m Mrinal, my gig link is
I’ve created my seven gigs and all of them are basis on Data entry, Web research, Data scraping, Lead generation related.

Now, I want to delete 3 gigs of them and include 3 gig for web design related.
Is it hamper my Id if I do this?
Is it create problem on my new 3 gigs?
Is it create problem of my remaining 4 gigs?

Please suggest me.



hi @mrinal_bhat
i think you should edit those gig as your new gig.Then new gig contains older gigs impression and click.
i think it will better for your profile.
you can delete your gigs,

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Hi Sadman,
You are right, but I also checked some videos in youtube and there experts said if we edit our gig then it may loss its rank. Their suggestion if gig has no review or order that period you need to delete this one and create another.


It is very tough to get client for a new gig