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Delete an attachment


how can I delete an attachment in the messages with a client?

Cant find out how to. If possible?



Once the message is sent, you can’t delete it and expect it to vanish on the receivers end…… You can however delete the whole chat session, but the messages will still be read by the client

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There is a bug on site. The only way to delete it is to delete everything by refreshing the site. Make sure that you copy text before refreshing so you can at least save that and paste.

If you are talking about already sent message, you can’t delete them at all, ever.


No, You can’t. Think before send a message and be careful what you send.

Client massege you can not delete. So you should be very carefully for all masseage

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Think before I send… I do.
But think it is a bad thing I cant delete an attachment. As someone could use my sample file without my knowledge or me approving it.

You mean to delete everything on my profile?

No, if you are typing in inbox and then you add wrong attachment you can not delete it due to bug on site. If you refresh it will delete the attachment but also the message you typed in the box.

And for samples you have rules. You must add your watermark, if it is audio add audio stamp, reduce quality, send screenshots blurred etc.