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Delete conversations-post-order completion


Please make it an option to delete a conversation with the seller from both the buyer’s inbox and seller’s inbox after an order completion and delivery.

This will ensure safety of mind, for both the buyer and seller.

EDIT: as posted in the conversation. the recommendation is to able to delete your sensitive shared messages with the seller after the order has been completed.
Take WHATSAPP for example, you can delete your sent messages. and they will not be found in conversation.
Why do i as a buyer have to worry about all the info i shared with the seller during the project. There are sensitive info being shared to complete the project, and i do not understand why they should be in the archive forever. I am proposing that Fiverr should be the only one with a record of the conversation, they are the company. Since you basically do not know anything about the sellers
Another example, if you buy a service from a person face to face, they are not pulling out a recorder and recording everything you say and keeping it with them., to me that sounds sketchy.


You can delete yours.

You do not have the right or the option to demand that second party of the conversation deletes conversation.


Forum can not make happen what you ask for.

That’s how it ends.

This sounds hella shady, what are you up to?


:)) how’s that exactly ?


No you can not.
Take Whatsapp for example, you can delete your part of the conversation from the other person’s device.
That is what i mean.

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Not forever, only just after you send message you can delete it for both.

That isn’t just at all.

These are records. People would use this to game the system and pretend that conversations asking for unjust things never happened or blackmail people and then hide it once they get what they want.

You don’t erase records! Sorry, that makes no sense and it’s sketchy as hell


What kind of shady gigs and services are you participating in? No honest seller would want the conversations to be removed like this. It’s exactly because of such activities that Fiverr will never allow permanent removal of records so they can access them if they want to pursue action against either parties.


I don’t see why at all. It’s just destroying evidence that you may need. Explain why you think this.

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No, this should not.

As a seller (or buyer), we will need to keep track about our orders, client requirements and transparency. Also those messages will be the evidence when you have issues or disputes.
Fiverr chat system is a business related communication platform and it’s not a instant messenger.


Why do you need to have the chat history deleted for both parties? Unless you’ve got something up your sleeve as well, there should be no reason to want that.
These messages will serve as evidence just in case you happen to have an issue afterwards - you can prove yourself to be clean using it

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Definitely a big no. If a message is emailed to either a seller or buyer that could never be deleted or enforced to be deleted.

As others have already commented, the messages are proof for either party what has happened in an order and who is to blame if an order falls apart or is cancelled.


No, thank you.

I’d prefer to have a clear record of what was discussed and what was agreed upon. Some buyers like to claim they were promised more work than was delivered and it’d be awfully convenient if all the proof of the contrary would just disappear.

And I’m not even mentioning reporting insults or rude behaviour. Not that anything is ever done about that but still.


Er, no thank you. I want a 100% verbatim record of all conversations.

It’s called evidence in the event of a dispute further down the line.

It’s also useful to be able to refer back to conversations. It’s a reminder of why a buyer was good or bad to work with.

What you are suggesting serves no purpose, unless you are trying to hide something.


Also your suggestion of “ensuring safety of mind” strikes me as meaning the complete opposite. I would not want to work with a buyer who suggested all records should be deleted.

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not asking forum to make. i’m proposing an idea.

read the edit.
what’s shady is keeping all records. if a person comes to you personally and ask for a gig. do you record him, and store his records with you forever ? now that’s weird. sensitive info shared with the seller, the buyer should have the freedom to delete messages after the gig was done.
@misscrystal i want to delete the conversation because i do not know the seller. However, i do know fiverr company. they can take screenshots and keep conversation. however make it a choice for buyers, not everyone will delete their conversation, but in the event where certain ideas were shared with the seller, you could have the possibility to delete them if you needed to, maybe your ideas will be used one day when they feel like it ? maybe you shared a cooled idea during the project, and now the project is done. what if one day the sellers remembers your idea and goes back and uses it to his advantage. fiverr can keep them

Well, fiverr can keep a full conversation, in the scenario of a dispute happening.
But as a buyer, you share sensitive info during the gig, and after the gig is done your info is still with the seller, who btw you do not know their real name, company, or anything about them at all. so your info is with people you do not know, and you should be okay with it. no thanks, fiverr keep an archive of the conversation, and give the buyer the freedom to delete his messages.

fiverr can keep records, seller can not. i do not know you, if you were a physical company i would maybe trust more. buyers should be able to delete their messages. seller can not have these records. fiverr can keep these records for when needed to settle a dispute.