Delete Conversations


It only appears you can archive a conversation. Deleting it seems like it should be an option.


As bachas85 said if messages were deleted then Customer Support won’t be able to resolve in case of disputes…


Perhaps a “Trash Bin”(where it won’t permanently delete the conversation) to know which people you aren’t interested in interacting with. Right now the best alternative is to simply archive messages you aren’t really interested in dealing with.


I understand from a customer service stand point and resolving disputes. My thinking is after 1 year you should be able to purged it. It would help Fiverr too with disk space. I’m saving them $$$. lol…

Anyway, if you have a dispute over $5 after a year… really? …and I know it could be more than $5 too.

Just a suggestion…


Maybe something that expires after x number of months might be a good idea, :slight_smile: