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Delete entire profile and start again?

I’m chewing on the idea of deleting my profile in order to create a new one and start from scratch because I am–like many–an old seller (1.5 years) with barely any sales anymore.

I have both unique and regular gigs.
Level 2 + 130 five-star reviews.

This just occurred to me but probably has been building up for a while, after reading the forum for a long time. Seems like in general new sellers are doing so much better than old ones.

Also was just reading a forum thread about how editing ur gig leads to a big drop in sales.

Has anyone thought about doing this, or done this before?

Take a bite and let’s chew together. :slight_smile:


No, your profile is very good. Just start new gigs and see how it goes.


That means deleting existing gigs and replacing them with new ones that offer the exact same thing . . .

What makes you think you would have more success with a new profile?

I personally wouldn’t do it. You invested so much already, why risk it?


No, no, I see nothing wrong with them…keep trying new things. New ideas. Research your market, set the right price, find out what your audience is looking for. You can do a LOT with your current account, which is VERY good in my opinion. [Just an idea - why not start an English to Hebrew and vice versa translation service? Why not start an article writing gig in Hebrew? Hebrew voiceovers. “I will be your spokesperson from Israel”. Maybe start a gig “I will write an article on Israel”. Think, think!] Market yourself as an Israel expert/specialist on Fiverr - I don’t think there is much competition for that. [Another idea, “I will cold call anyone in Israel”, “I will promote your business in Israel”…etc. ]


Because I was reading the comments here:

You already have a reputation and reviews. Things are slow for a time. Wait till they turn the “tap” back on.


There will always be slow times. Unfortunately, right now a lot of us are experiencing a decline in sales, even some TRS.
I am sure it’s not your first time. A new profile would not fix the issue. I would wait … Writer gave u some great suggestions.




Stick with what you have. With so many new sellers appearing on Fiverr, your existing profile is like gold dust.


There would be no big difference between editing your gigs and replacing them. While new gigs do get a temporary boost, Fiverr has so much competition now that the boost might not outweigh the benefits of having established gigs.

Some people who edit their gigs carefully and write a slightly better description or adjust the title/tags/keywords find that their gig actually moves up in rank. Others find that the gig goes down. There’s no scientific method for it, but if you are having a very slow period I would just try some cautious edits on one or two gigs and see how it goes over the following few weeks. (Gigs will tend to disappear from search right after an edit, but when they re-appear the results are sometimes gold or silver instead of ****.)


hey… @mae_creativity
I saw your gigs…they are actually unique…and amusing
but even as a starter I can see that your gigs have terms people dont usually type in search bar…e.g. Brainstorm…so there will be low seo factor working…(MAYBE)
and about starters performing good…
I would say that–its a trick some starter ask their friends to buy their gig for some positive reviews…so they can get accelerated start…

I did that Mistake of deleting profile just 20 days ago…
I would tell you that Dont Remake your profile… REDESIGN your gigs…

that is all in my vision…


It’s a pity we can’t pause an account completely for some time to try out different things, like Vacation Mode but Testing New Ways/Categories Mode, and then, after some time, decide whether to keep the new account or return to the old one. I suppose it’s too bothersome for Fiverr, but would be nice.

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I think it’s suicidal decisions. Every good review is the asset for seller career. A new seller all time try to earn good review but it’s difficult to achieve.

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I would advise you not to do that, just keep promoting your gigs and you would get back to been top of your game

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Do not ever think about doing this …It takes much time to get 130 reviews .when thousands of new sellers like me struggling to get 50 reviews then you already got almost 3X of that .Publishing new GIG will be all of your problem solve :smile:

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