Delete fiverr account


Hello, please guide me how can i delete my fiverr account? please tell me.


yeah, contact customer support or just delete all f your gigs from your profile and just don’t use your account and be inactive.


Ridiculous. Ther MUST BE a clearly visible and usable DELETION button.


Please stop posting the same thing - the info you need is here:


Offlinehelpers, pl can you actually HELP, read first what someone wrote: DELETE - which is not your “deactivate”, neither by law nor semantics nor execution.


Click on your profile picture at the top bottom corner & select Settings.Scroll down to the bottom of the page & select reason.Then click on Deactivate Account button & follow the steps.


Your account’s gone - it’s been deleted.

What’s the problem?

And I can read very well thanks - Fiverr counts deactivate as being the same as delete in terms of their accounts.