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Delete icon don't work while sending files in inbox

IF I try to send a file and mistakenly I choose a different there is delete icon to delete the file.

But this does not work. I am experiencing this since I joined fiverr but decided to spread it now because the required is required frequently in recent, I need to upload many files.

All answers are welcome if they provide any solution

But seeking support from Fiverr Technical Team on this because its not problem on my end I have good internet connection and also tried on chrome (currently using Firefox)

Thank YouScreenshot_2020-12-24 Fiverr Inbox


Yes, the delete trash icon doesn’t work at all in the inbox and just sometimes (but very rare) in the order page. I have to refresh and delete everything to add proper file again.


And it is so frustrating when you have also drafted a nice, long explanatory message to accompany the file that now needs removing… then you click ‘refresh’ so you can attach the file again–but you forget to save your drafted message. Aagh! So, then you have to draft that again too.


It’s it needs to be refreshed to add proper files and remove ones that are not needed.

Absolutely correct. And This worst part of this not working if you have written a well message, you click refresh and it’s gone. Thank You for replying.

I hope someone from fiverr technical team will shop up

Hi, thanks for reporting it. I’m Ran, from Fiverr’s product team. We will look into the issue and aim to solve it promptly. Let me know if you encounter anything else related to the inbox.

Hi, the issue is resolved now, you can remove an attachment and your message will still be kept.
Thanks @abhijitkokane for reporting


Yes it’s resolved👏🏻

Thank You very much