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Delete my gig & create new gig or edit my old gigs? who is best?

hello dear,

my gigs is not good rank & I not get any order form my gigs.
so,now I delete this gig or edit this gigs?
who is the best?


I would say it depends.

Does your Gig have positive reviews? Even one positive review can have an impact on sales.

If it has no reviews, it doesn’t matter I think. But if it has, I would edit instead. Try to make the most out of the title and description, using a video to showcase your talent and offer, and find the pricing that’s right for your work.

You can read some great advice on the Academy section :slight_smile:

Best of luck :slight_smile:

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PS: I would work on my English grammar if I were you. Try to make everything as correct as possible. Using a paid service like Grammarly to write better is smart, and you can also work with a native English speaker to help you. Proper grammar and language is key to landing orders.


I prefer editing gigs than deleting it. :slight_smile:


Hello! I think editing is better because you keep the reviews (unless they are negative of course) but I’m not so sure if for example you wanna change the topic of the gig completely the reviews are still there?