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Delete or edit button

Sometimes I make a mistake and want to make a correction but there should be a EDIT or DELETE buttom, so that we can change something in our message what do you all think how about it Fiverr and a BLOCK button from clients that are HARASSING you ha

I think a way to solve the issue of possible abuse from editing the order page would be if said user edits the content of which is typed fiverr system would have snapshot the previous message and when the user changed it and would try to abuse the seller it could not be done because of the snapshot before the new content was established.

It means that the client receives a new e-mail every time you have edited the message. This is a bad idea in so many ways.

It’s better to reread your messages multiple times before you send them.

This is a commonly requested idea and I like it, but I do see why Fiverr doesn’t implement edit on inbox messages. If it wasn’t a very brief edit window, some people (buyer or seller) would change their messages in misleading ways. For example, if a buyer is abusive to a seller and uses profanity so the seller cancels, the buyer could go edit the message to remove the abuse and make it appear that the seller cancelled for no reason. I could see them putting in a very short window (3-5 min) for edits and I hope they do.

There is a way to block people from sending you messages. You just click report. There isn’t a way to block people from ordering your gigs though and I think many people would like that option. I would!

Reply to @fonthaunt: thank you I just found out about that report button yesterday and didn’t even know about it, so I just deleted the message altogether but does Fiverr keep all the trashed messages or a way to see what he said to me and would I have to keep reporting every message or does one just stop him altogether from contacting me again ? thank you

Reply to @chase183: that seems like they should have the old message, but I just wanted to edit a misspelled words, I wasn’t thinking about any abuse that the seller could say, but I understand that now, that it culd happen but your right, Fiverr should be able to retrieve each message period

Reply to @fonthaunt: yes that is so true so I totally understand now what you are saying and that is a good safety to have in place I never thought about that before thank you for all your help, I so appreciate it, have a blessed night