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Delete or Edit gig

Hello everyone. i’m a new seller scene Nov 2020 . i’ve created 7gigs and daily spent 10hrs+ time on fiverr but still i don’t received any order and my gig impression is very low. can i edit or delete my gig for more attractive? here is my profile:- please give me a solutions. thanks


Yes. you can some edit your gig or deleted if your gig impression is very very low.but your gig impression is good you don’t edit or deleted your gig…shere your gig social media and send buyer request daily.

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Don’t edit your Gig, which have some impression, i have seen gig, fiverr boost you on main page, you should work hard, here is very competition now for new freelancer, but this is the best platform, i received my first order after 6th month, and now i completed 100+, so keep patience.


thank you for your info

thank you so much, even i think so…

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