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Delete or update gig to increase impressions?

hi all!

quick question - i’ve been here for almost about 2 weeks and i’ve been reading a lot about how to improve gigs.
basically, i want to ask if it’ll be better to delete a gig or to update a gig to increase the gig’s impressions.

my point is that i’m new here and i haven’t gotten any completed orders yet.
my old gigs are decreasing in impressions and i can’t see an upward trend compared to the first 3 days i’ve had my gigs up originally.

will updating my gig (tags, description, title, etc.) increase its impressions?
or will it be better to delete the old gigs and create a new one?
i have no reviews in my old gigs so it’s OK for me to let go of the old gigs.

any thoughts?

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You have no control over impressions. The only thing that you can to to affect your impressions stat, is to have eye-catching gig photos that people see when they are looking at their Fiverr search results or on your gig’s category page.

Deleting a gig will remove all chances for that gig to receive any impressions.


hi @jonbaas - what i meant was to delete my old gig, and then create a new one with new tags, descriptions, etc.

also, i’m not sure what you mean about having no control over impressions.
isn’t the number of impressions related to how good your SEO is in the gig?

I would not suggest regularly deleting and re-posting a gig. In my experience, you’ll get a better ranking as your gig ages. It will build up favorites (:heart:), orders, reviews, etc.

Just be patient and maybe look into social media marketing. I haven’t tried it myself, but many sellers swear by it.


Fiverr has announced (a few weeks ago… perhaps even a month by now) that they are moving away from an SEO-based search system, and will be making tags the most important gig search element. There will certainly still be other elements that influence search results, but, according to Fiverr, SEO does not appear be as important as it has been (once the search system is fully upgraded).

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This used to be the case, but since Fiverr introduced new algorithm it is not applied anymore.

Since you are still new on Fiverr, I would suggest deleting old gigs which don’t have reviews and create a new one. This way you will be ranked in the very top. Again, only use this solution until you get your first ratings to quickly get new clients.

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Please do not hijack other people’s topics in order to ask for help. You can start your own forum topic if you wish to have personalized feedback. This topic has nothing to do with the success of your gigs.


Sorry for this. I can’t understand.

hi, its 2019 now . what should I do any also change or still I go with the same gig. Iam thinking to delete my gig with 2 reviews and others with no reviews and start new gigs?