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DELETE THIS POST PLEASE (issue has been resolved)

Hi there,
This morning(according to Aisa time) a buyer placed and order. When I aksed him about requirements, he said he placed the order mistakenly. He asked me to send money via any possible channel and he’ll complete order. I said ok (not to effect my rating. Now few minutes ago I send him money and he cancelled the order.

I’ve all screenshots. Please, as level one seller, I request someone to help me what should I do.

Thank you!
Kind regards,


How did you send money? If it was outside Fiverr, you just got scammed and there isn’t anything that can be done.


Yes, you said right.

What do you mean by “any possible channel”? If you have contacted your buyer outside of the platform then you violated the terms. It is strictly mentioned in the terms to not to contact your buyers outside of the platform.


There’s no legitimate reason why a buyer would ask you to send him money. It makes no sense at all.

It’s deeply concerning that you don’t see that. Fiverr can’t do anything.

This is why you 1. Use common sense. 2. Follow basic ethics and the ToS of the service you use.


Whenever a buyer says that, immediately contact Fiverr’s customer support, tell them the buyer ordered accidentally, provide a screenshot where the buyer says that and ask them to cancel the order for you without affecting your order completion rate.

They will tell you that it may or may not affect your rate but there’s at least a good chance that it won’t.
If you cancel yourself, it will affect your rate, and if you do weird things like sending someone money outside of Fiverr (why would you do that, you didn’t even get that money, Fiverr did, and you’d only get it after completing the order, which won’t happen if it gets cancelled). Also, the latter most probably will get you a warning because you violated Fiverr’s ToS, and it might even get you banned.

Never agree to contact a buyer or pay or receive money outside of Fiverr. That’s like, rule #1 here, as you should know. Please do read the ToS thoroughly, so you won’t do anything else that’s against the rules because the more warnings, the higher the chance of getting permanently banned (depending on how they evaluate a violation, they might even ban someone for the first violation), so, again, make sure to read and understand the Terms of Service.

Good luck!


There was another seller a year or so that said they did this too. I believe they refunded the money through PayPal. Fiverr closed their account for doing it.


He aksed me to send him via easypaisa as he said to complete the order so I thought its better to avoid cancellation bad effect.

He asked me to send money for what he placed order so he will complete the order and that’s why I sent but in the he cancalled and blocked me.
Can you let me know, now fiverr support team cancelled that order so will it effect my rating or no?

It makes sense as he said he placed the order mistakenly so I thought may be he is not lying.

Thank you. Now this helped me :slight_smile:

No it makes no sense at all.

Obviously you would refund that through the resolution centre. Why you would think to that from your bank account is beyond me. It doesn’t make sense and you should know the ToS.

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Thank you for helping, I appreciate that. Actually I was the first time that such thing happened so I made mistake and get to know that how to deal next time.

Considering that you have violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service, you’ll be lucky if you don’t get banned (and if you get banned, your rating will no longer matter).


Oh! It was just a mistake and I admit that had to contact with team first but I never meant to voilate the terms :frowning:

You got scammed. How would one fall for this scam is beyond me, but you did, and in the process you also violated Fiverr’s ToS.

If you contact Fiverr regarding this you may (as I believe you should) have your account terminated.

Saying it was just a mistake won’t cut it so I’d consider it a lesson (hopefully) learnt.

Simply put: You won’t see that money again, and trying to recover that may get your account banned…so cut your losses and move on.


First of all, the buyer(?) didn’t make any mistake, they did it on purpose. They invented this new way of scamming. If you requested CS, they could help you with cancelling the order without affecting you rating. But now there is no hope because you made the first mistake by doing transaction outside Fiverr.