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Deleted 3 Gigs and Created a New ONE

I had 3 gigs which are not getting any impressions let alone orders so decided to delete them and created a NEW ONE. :smiley:

You can check it on below link. :point_down:

I wanna know that whether changing the tags or the title of an existing gig affect its SERP position, I have changed the titles, tags and descriptions of my existing gigs several times but yet to get much impression or orders. :thinking:

Eagerly waiting for your response and what you think about my new gig, both pros & cons are accepted similarly. :hugs:

Update: I have made some changes in to gig description and FAQ to make it look more professional and created a new “unprofessional” gig exclusively for party flyers and posters :wink:

New gig:


I think that you might want to omit the emojis in the gig description. They’re fine when you’re messaging with someone (depending on the tone of the conversation), but they come off a little too nudge nudge when you’re including them in a description of your skills.

You could be a bit more professional, despite your pride in being “unprofessional”. It’s your choice, but keep in mind that it might put some buyers off.


Thank you very much for your opinion, and I also thought the emojis are just too much I’m gonna remove them. Actually I don’t take pride in being “Unprofessional”, I created the gig description to experiment a bit, I have created and deleted dozens of gigs which are not getting any impressions nor orders, but they were all the same in description apart from few minor changes. So, that’s why I decided to do something different with the description this time around.

Anyway I value your opinion and I’m gonna change the description, since the title “Professional Corporate Brochure” and “Unprofessional Description” doesn’t work well together.



:smiley: <3

But I wanna have an emoji party! :grin::watermelon::tangerine::shallow_pan_of_food::spaghetti::oden::woman::adult::joy_cat::smile_cat::smiley_cat::japanese_goblin::nerd_face::face_with_monocle::face_with_hand_over_mouth::cowboy_hat_face:


Haha :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

The :crown: Queen of Emojis approves. :stuck_out_tongue:

@digimark96 The Unlimited Revisions is scary. :grimacing:
You could potentially do revisions for the rest of your Fiverr life.


I agree, while some buyers might be pleased to see that in your description, people can take advantage of that, and even if they asked for 50 revisions, you won’t be able to complain!!


Thank you for your opinion, at the beginning I also thought the same way :grinning:

I offer unlimited revisions in each an every gig ever since I joined fiverr. So far I have done 19 orders and the maximum revisions asked was 2. Normally buyers don’t ask for much revisions after they get what they want, So as a designer it is my duty to deliver a complete design that buyer can be satisfied with :blush: . If I can do that then I won’t have to do any revisions at all. :smiley:

Yes exactly. There are buyers who take advantage of that, but fortunately I’m yet to meet someone and hopefully never meet anyone :smiley:

I know the consequences of offering something like that in my gig, but since I’m new here I have to make some sacrifices to reach higher. If I offer few or no revisions nobody will want to work with me, so till I build some good customer base and credibility around me I have to keep pushing the limits. :blush:

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