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Deleted all of my old gigs and started from beggining



First I should introduce myself since I’m kinda new.I’m Blooye and I am an artist & designer and I sell gigs in that area.I still had no sale but I’m getting there!

I recently deleted all of my 6 gigs and decited to start over. I now have 2 gigs and I now gratefully ask for your appriciated opinion.

If you can review my gigs from head to toes, that would be awesome,but any feedback is good!

Thanks and nice meeting you! :grinning:


Try posting the link to your profile for easy access… For some reason I cant find you on fiverr…
Anyhow, best of luck man ! Hope the change will bring only good :slight_smile:


I can’t find myself either. I did put link to my profile as my website.


From a first look without going into too much depth, I would add a short and fun description right away to the profile page :slight_smile:

Also, I t would help if people knew exactly what they get for the initial $5?
What does ‘medium quality mean’ ?
The easier it is to understand, the more they will be comfortable with buying it :slight_smile:

Hope that helps ! Good luck !


(In reference to the “I will create FUN custom emoji” gig)

  • I love your gig images - it’s not often the colour brown is used as a background.
  • I find your gig description is a little hard to follow from a reader’s perspective. For example, in your description, you use the phrases emoji, emoticon and avatar interchangeably. Aim for a little consistency in your writing.
  • Your gig description contains a lot of awkward English, so try to fix it up a little.
  • Your Fiverr profile doesn’t have any form of description or bio. Consider adding these elements to create a personal link with your buyers/readers.
  • Your pricing and turnaround terms seem pretty reasonable.


@wordandrecord Thanks alot! I will consider your advices . I’ve put answers to these 2 questions in the FAQ area ,but i guess I should add that to the description.

@mrproofreading Thank you very much for responding! I will proofread and edit the text area of my gigs since i see that is the biggest problem.


@blooye Is English your first language? Maybe have someone from Fiverr have a look at them and tweak them for you? I believe the way your gig is worded can make the word of difference.


No,it’s not. I’ve figured that watching VICE while typing out something is not really effective.

I recently updated my gigs with the advices you guys gave me so feel free to check them out and leave feedback .
Also I’m having problem again with views,clicks and impressions and also people can’t search my gigs …So If anyone got any solution contact me


You are showing up in search. I just found you easily by searching your title keywords. It might have take some time for your gigs to index. :slight_smile:


Yeah I have read that there is a bug with regards to the views, clicks and impressions so don’t worry about that for now,apparently that will be sorted out soon @blooye


The clicks, views, and impressions problem appears to be fixed.


Thanks for replying!
@fonthaunt Really ? :smiley: That’s awesome . I hope i can get my first sale before New Year’s eve.
@lynnehuysamen @lloydsolutions Yep! My views,clicks and impressions started appearing after about 2 days.


OK glad it is showing up now @blooye :slight_smile: