Deleted Buyer Request


Hi all, I just joined yesterday so I’m not up-to-date on how things really work around here, although I’ve been making some headway through the forums. Anyway, my question today is: What happens when someone deletes a buyer request that I submitted an offer on?

I accidentally maxed out my offers yesterday in the hopes of getting a gig or two under my belt, and now I see one of the requests was deleted. Is there some lag time to get that currently used up offer back? I think that in the future I won’t send out all my offers at once, it’s probably more prudent to save a few for buyer requests that are ‘perfect’, but in the mean time here I am waiting, wanting to know what to expect.


I accidentally deleted one of my buyer request can you please tell me that how to recover that request.


Same Question… How can i recover an accidentally removed buyer request.


I have the same problem i have accidentally removed a buyer offer that was a potential deal for me and i have already came up with the idea for the logo and everything and now i don’t have the buyer request. Please Help!



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