Deleted Gigs redirection... a big problem!


When someone deletes a Gig, if an old buyer tries to buy again from the old link they had, Fiverr brings on a warning that the Gig does not exist, but presents a similar Gig from another seller.

I have had buyers buy my Gig and then cancelling because they wanted something else, and they ended on my Gig only because Fiverr redirected them there!

I know that if someone just reads the Gig description they will immediately understand that this is a totally different Gig, but it seems that many people don’t read the descriptions, and this is causing unnecessary cancellations!

Is there a chance that Fiverr fixes this and instead of putting up another Gig just lists similar Gigs as if one is on the search page?



If i were you i’d contact support about this issue just so they are aware of it and hopefully fix this to avoid unnecessary cancellations!


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