Deleted Gigs - Where do the ratings go?


There are 2 scenarios for this:

  • A seller accidentally deletes a gig with positive ratings
  • A seller purposefully deletes a gig with negative ratings
Are the ratings kept, or is it decided on a case-by-case scenario? (Does it look suspicious that I'm asking this?) I honestly do want to know this answer, because I am a seller and also a buyer. Thanks in advance! ~Nic


rating will no longer be visible, so people will not be able to read the actual reviews, BUT the overall stars rating and percentage of positive reviews will still be evident in the sellers profile.

there’s no way to hide that.


It’s been a while since I deleted a gig so it could have changed. The last time I did delete one, the positive reviews were still counted in my total numbers, but they are no longer displayed anywhere. If the ratings were negative, they would still affect the overall rating percentage, but the words might not show up. I don’t think it’s case by case.


All right, thanks all!