Deleted my best gig really angry


so today my pinterest following past over 30k followers so i wanted to up date my gig to show the correct number of followers. It was my most sold gig. it had the most feedback of any of my gigs. the turned down because of the new picture size rules. but instead of asking me to up date the photo they deleted the gig. i am so mad about this. needed to vent


I think it was probably removed because it’s ‘illegal’ to sell likes, followers etc… Any gig on here that’s questionably against Fiverr TOS can usually stay, until something happens that calls attention to it - like updating it. There are quite a few posts in this forum about it. And it’s usually gigs that technically never should have been allowed in the first place, but Fiverr was happy to leave them up until they started getting in trouble from third party websites.


Reply to @itsyourthing: hi thanks but that’s not what it was because i was not selling likes fans follows or anything like that. its a gig for repinning items and the email i got clearly stated it was because of the change in the image size rules


I hate that it does that! Like, it gives you two chances to fix your pictures (even if you make them exactly the size they ask for, it still rejects them sometimes ARGGG!) and then it just says, “Nope, too bad, so sad,” and deletes the whole gig! When it happened to me, and it sounds like when it happened to you, too, it was for really no reason. I’m really sorry this happened to you! Where you just updating the title or the gig description?


wait what this is a thing…


Reply to @emasonwrites: hi yes that amount of followers i would be advertising peoples items to has just grown past 30k so i updated it from 29k. the last time i updated it the photo size rules were different. it never even gave me any chances to fix the image. the reason i had the image size so close to the minimum is every time i make one any bigger it doesn’t fit the box right and half the writing can’t be seen. i emailed customer service and no response yet. its only been less than 24hrs but i also emailed them on a different issue 4 days ago and no reply either. they just don’t seem to care


I know how hard it is to start over but thats all you can do. when i had to do that I found I did even better the second time around. You have a high quality service, You can do it!


It seems to me lately that fiverr are going above and beyond in an effort to be difficult

and i think i have an idea why. maybe i am wrong but after they have turned down my gigs over and over for the image when there was nothing wrong with it i thought to myself maybe i should just hire someone on fiverr to design my image. that’s when it popped into my head maybe they are trying to make me buy services on fiverr just so i can get my gigs listed without a problem. i am not a graphic designer but there was zero wrong with my image. it was larger that the minimum, it was clear and in focus. it clearly described my gig and was created from scratch so it there was no copy write issue. the only reason to turn it down was to make me hire a graphic designer on fiverr. maybe i am wrong … i hope i am


Actually, I had the same problem with images - they were at 200 dpi. I changed them to 600 dpi and they were accepted. One gig was rejected because they thought my image was copyright protected when I took the picture. I had to completely change my picture. I’m glad I did because it’s one of my popular gigs.

divajewelry said: i was not selling likes fans follows or anything like that. its a gig for repinning items

I hope you get everything sorted out with your gig. But isn't "repinning" on Pinterest exactly the same thing as "sharing" on Facebook, or re-tweeting on Twitter? It's artificially building reputation. I know you said it's an image issue (why they keep messing around with the image sizes is beyond me!), but you may want to keep what I said in mind, if you re-list a similar gig, maybe be careful with the wording, just so it doesn't get flagged along the way.


Reply to @itsyourthing: hi not really becuase all there is on pinterest really is pinning and repinning. in fact some of the gigs i have sold have even gotten me more followers becuase of the content going viral. as for

itsyourthing said: It's artificially building reputation
not really sure what you mean but i simply have 30k+ followers and sell advertising. its really no different than buying facebook adds but instead of the money going to a massive multi billion dollar company it goes to me the little guy. if advertising is artificially building reputation then every ones reputation is artificial because every business does it


The ‘advertising’ is the same - in principle, but that’s exactly why social media sites set their Terms of Service to specifically not allow it. They want people to have to grow their audience using the platform’s promotional tools. If there’s money to be had, they want it in their pockets.

I’m not arguing any ethics or morals on the subject, just pointing out that it’s against the rules.


I had a successful gig for typing up notes and I tried pictures of me with a notebook and notes on my laptop and me with my computer… All of my attempts they said didn’t accurately portray my service so it got deleted. I retyped the gig and started a new one, with the same original picture, and that passed just fine. Now my new gig has no business and I lost the review cred from the last one!

carrieblogger said: I had a successful gig for typing up notes and I tried pictures of me with a notebook and notes on my laptop and me with my computer... All of my attempts they said didn't accurately portray my service so it got deleted.

WTH? I'm seriously starting to wonder if the insanity at this place is some loony big-wig just trying to see what they can make people put up with for a buck.

Really, disorganization only goes so far.