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That is a great question, there are some Fiverr clones where you can do that, but I saw that hardly anyone was making orders there.

As for me, my biggest order was $90, the guy wanted 90 headlines, tweets mostly on a wide variety of topics.

I believe the $5.00 base price provides the traffic to Fiverr. You want the buyer’s experience to be very smooth and they need to believe there are incredible deals on Fiverr. I go to McDonalds for the dollar menu, but somehow I always end up with the $7.00 Combo after I order. Build your gigs the same way. Offer a great $5.00 value, but offer an incredible $25.00 product with gig extras. I have been able to have less than 20% of my orders be $5.00. 60% of them are $25.00 orders and the rest are $60 to $150.00 each.

I so don’t know the writing niche and your competition.

I have also been only offering 2 possibilities on the whiteboard gig. A 20 word whiteboard video ($5) and a 100 word white board video ($25.00) with everything included. They have 2 options or if their needs are different, they can message me for a custom quote.

Nice gig, Levi! Awesome Resume!


Another thing that’s confusing me about the “packages” now on profiles… @landongrace’s says your best seller is $10, and @levinewman, yours is $15. Fiverr is obviously using the “package” thing in an effort to attract buyers to the ‘ideal combination’ of quality and cost, so why on earth wouldn’t it reflect the amounts you are each averaging on your best-selling gigs?


Part of me wants to point out that the name of the site is “Fiverr” – if their base price was not $5, then what would be the point? From a marketing standpoint, they’ve gotta stick with $5 due to the name alone.

Reading the rest of your comments though, I can see where you’re coming from. When an experienced buyer is coming to Fiverr, they’re usually willing to pay for the quality that they want; I think we all know though that to build that reputation, we probably had to be willing to start with a $5 base. I think a happy medium to what you’re suggesting is to perhaps make a $25 or $30 base gig available only to level 2 or TRS, who have proven themselves capable. Imagine the headaches that customer support would have to go through if just anyone were able to open up their gig shop with a $25 base price. Keeping the $5 base price evens the playing field as far as both buyers and sellers always being able to understand and communicate about what the “value” of a basic gig is.


Levi, I really don’t know your competition, but here is a structure idea.

For $5, I can write your headlines, taglines, and ad copy up to 50 words or for $25.00 I can provide 150 words of copy in just 2 days. If your needs are different I would enjoy putting a custom quote together for you. I look forward to working with you.

Put this before your resume. Don’t make them hunt for the deal. Although your resume is awesome.

If you want to do less $5.00 gigs, make the $5.00 offer a great deal but not a great fit. Make the $25.00 offer a great fit.

You could consider simplifying the offer and getting rid of alot of the gig extras. I spent a minute reading your gig and I can’t rap my head around all the options.

Reply to @amandygran:

amandygran said: Part of me wants to point out that the name of the site is “Fiverr” – if their base price was not $5, then what would be the point? From a marketing standpoint, they’ve gotta stick with $5 due to the name alone.
Well, the base price is actually $5.50 now, so I don’t think they’re committed to sticking with $5. :wink: It’s only a matter of time before they figure out how to implement costlier base gigs without completely nullifying “Fiverr”- they’re going to have to. $5 doesn’t stay worth $5 for long. The question is only when and how they can do it without causing too much damage to what’s already in place.

I’m sure they’re working on ways to incorporate something 5-related that can accommodate greater income without losing the brand identity. Maybe they can offer a subscription service where a buyer gets a free gig for every five they purchase, or there’s a discount for ordering 5 gigs at a time…that sort of thing.

Fiverr is not going to let inflation hit their wallet if they can help it. There’s still a load of milk left in this cow - they’ll make it work for some time yet.


Reply to @levinewman: I never suggested that you had any problems getting orders. I did misunderstand something though - I thought you were suggesting $25 etc., base orders, not extras. Probably because of this thread title: "Why can’t we create a base gig for $25, $30, or $35?"

and this:

levinewman said: and I have no idea why we can't create gigs that offer a base gig of $25, $30, or $35.



Reply to @levinewman: Good, but your post content still says the same thing.

For the record, I agree that extras should be available at any $5 denomination up to a limit that is determined by user levels. I also feel confident that higher basic gig levels will be introduced in the near future as well.

I’m deleting it. This is pointless.

Reply to @itsyourthing: Fiverr is simply highlighting our most popular gigs, mine is a $10 gig. $10 because most people order a $5 gig extra. The amount is meant to impress people. I am impressed with Levi Newman. He’s really good at what he does.

Reply to @levinewman: ??? Most threads with this much activity are not pointless or they wouldn’t have activity. It’s just confusing to follow with all the deletions.