Deleting a gig will the review gone too?

this is my gig, suddenly I realize I choose wrong category so I want to delete this gig. But I got a review from this gig by doing a job. Now my question is by deleting this gig will my review be also gone?


If you delete the gig the reviews stay.


If you want you can edit the gig & change the category.
If you delete the gig the reviews stay.


If the gig is gone,then how can the reviews stay?


Yes, the reviews remain. Talking from experience. I deleted my first ever gig. The gig had 5 reviews and I still have the reviews on my profile. Fiverr populates all reviews on your home page so that is where the reviews to the deleted gigs will be.

There is no need for deleting a gig just because you put it in the wrong category. Just edit the gig and place it in the right category


You cannot change the category but you can change the sub category.


Interesting. Didn’t know that!


but it says once the gig is published you can’t change the category