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Deleting Automatic samples added to gig post

Hi everyone. Do you know how you can delete a sample within your gig that was automatically added by Fiverr? I have a project that I did for a client that is basically my doing weird sound effects that is now in my IVR voice over gallery. Any help would be appreciated.

For future deliveries I think one person said you can turn off the gallery before delivering then after the review (assuming there is one), turn it back on and it won’t have that item in the public gallery. Another option is to deliver with a dropbox link if you don’t want it to show (assuming Fiverr is always okay with that). I don’t think you can remove an item that’s already showing in the gallery without turning off the public gallery for the gig altogether. You could contact CS but they may think you’re trying to modify the review and it could be risky as could contacting the buyer about it (it could risk a warning if they think you’re asking for a review change). If it’s a gig with only 1 review you could delete the gig and recreate it.