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Deleting existing fiverr account

May I delete my existing fiverr account and open a new account once again on the same device?
My rating is very low in my current account.


i remember that you no need to do this, because you have a lots of valuables feedback on this account try to continue on it.

That’s not a valid reason for making a new account, even if you ignore how it is against TOS to have multiple accounts, even if you delete an old account. From what I have read, in the rare instances where this is allowed, you must go through CS and get their approval before doing so, or risk account termination. In any case, creating a new account just because you don’t like the feedback you have received is deceiving to your future clientele. Instead of focusing on cleaning your slate, focus on doing better to avoid bad reviews in the future.


my rating is 1…Though I have 25 5 star reviews but for 4 reviews my account shows rating 1.How it possible?
Can you check my profile and tell me what is rating you are seeing.

Your account shows an average rating of 4.6.

But yeah, 3 one star reviews out of 29 is a bit too much, rebuilding your reputation won’t be easy, despite of acceptable average rating. You might want to consider pausing any gigs that are related to writing to avoid even more bad reviews, since a common theme of the neative reviews is your far from flawless english.


As @alyonagrapie said, some reviews point out that you aren’t fluent in English, despite the fact that you stated the contrary on your profile.
Instead of deleting your account, you can focus on improve your English and polish your profile getting rid of typos.
Consider also to say the truth in your description and your gigs’ description, as a trustworthy attitude is the first step to getting sales.


You can ask Customer Support for permission and, if you get their permission, do it. However, what makes you so certain that you won’t get even worse reviews with a new account?


Why you want to delete your account? May i know?

My rating is 1 though I have over 25 ratings with 5 star and only 4 star bad rating.

Okay, I think that is fine. But also i respect and wish your thought.

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You need to be more honest with yourself about your English abilities.

Your negative feedback is all about your poor English skills - yet your profile claims you are fluent in English. You are clearly not.

Even your profile heading states ‘Committed to provide the bets services’. You of course mean ‘best’ and not ‘bets’. Apart from being poor English, this statement also demonstrates a lack of attention to detail.

In case you think I am being mean, I’m not. The rest of your feedback is actually great and there are many other sellers who would crave such positive comments.

However, without doubt it is your English that is letting you down. You can clearly communicate in English - but not at the level you claim, and this is why some buyers have left you poor feedback. They will have felt tricked into buying a service that you aren’t qualified to deliver based on your own claims.

The first rule of being successful in business is be honest about your proposition. You weren’t - and you got found out by your buyers, and now you’re paying the price.

As others have said, attempting to start out again on Fiverr with a new account is actually a terrible idea. Not only is it difficult to do so (Fiverr have to agree to such a request), but you will be losing all your valuable positive feedback.

My advice is keep your existing profile, remove your claim about speaking fluent English, and delete any gig that claims to offer writing services in English. That way you should be able to slowly rebuild your feedback reputation.


This is all very well in theory - when a seller can spend hours checking every word on their profile and gigs to make it appear perfect - but if the end result doesn’t represent the reality of what a buyer can expect - then it will still do no good.

Via the forum, I used to try and help some sellers improve their gigs - until one day it struck me that I was helping people to be fraudulent! I now think that sellers have to sink or swim based on their own abilities and claims. It’s no good having a near perfect profile if the seller then delivers something that looks like it’s been spat out by Google translate. The buyer will be disappointed and likely leave poor feedback or request a cancellation.

In other words, a word perfect profile and gigs will certainly help achieve an order, but unless the delivered work is to the same standard of English and presentation - then the seller is likely to get punished by the buyer.


Thanks for your suggestion…!

I wish you luck! You are clearly a talented seller - but you have been overenthusiastic about your English abilities.

Great Information. Thanks!

Well said. Indeed my advice was incomplete. A perfect description isn’t enough, it is important to be honest. For example, if you aren’t good at coding you won’t create a related gig. If you aren’t skilled in English you won’t offer writing gigs. Otherwise, buyers will be disappointed.

before deleting account, make sure about your goal.