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Deleting Gigs

If I delete a Gig, will it delete the reviews I got for that Gig?

No. Reviews are permanently attached to your Fiverr rating. Deleting a gig will only delete the gig, not the negative reviews.

Your overall rating won’t change. However, let’s say your gig was called “I will eat a cheesecake for $5” and your first review is negative. What you do is delete that gig, create a new gig, and that new gig will have zero reviews.

With that said, your first 5 to 10 reviews need to be positive for a gig to be successful. The negative ninnies will come later, but do whatever it takes to satisfy your clients when the gig is young. Godspeed!

Thank you! I just didn’t want to lose the positive reviews and wasn’t sure if they stayed with me or not, despite not offering a specific gig anymore. =) Thanks for answering, that helped!

Thank you for replying! I have a gig that I’ve done a couple of jobs for now and the work is not as enjoyable as some of my other gigs–despite the good reviews. So I didn’t know if by deleting the gig, I would lose those reviews or not. So I’m relieved! =)

Thank you for your time! I appreciate it.

No problem at all! I love conversations on the forum. You’ll do fine, and you won’t be the first one to delete gigs. I’ve deleted at least two gigs.

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