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Deleting messages I sent

I sent some previews of my work to a potential client but he didn’t reply anymore. I’m worried about it because I don’t know if he’s using my clips without paying me. There’s any way that I could delete the messages I already sent? Thanks.


As far as I know there isn’t a way to delete previously sent messages. But for future previews you could overlay stuff over the video so it can’t (or can’t easily) be used. eg. overlay the words “Preview” over different parts of the video or something.


You can’t delete sent messages. You could get in touch with Customer Support about it, but I don’t know what they can do about it if the person has already downloaded the file.

You should always use watermarks on previews. That way they can’t use your production without paying you. :slight_smile:


Yes. You can delete message by asking to customer support and it happened to me before. One of my client send me message and after few hours it was removed. When i asked to my client then he said fiverr support team removed this message.
I don’t think removing that message will give you any benefit cause client already have this file downloaded.
Try to send half of your work just to see if client interested then send a custom offer for complete work.


Hope fiverr can offer a recall function in the chat soon in the future, so if mistakenly sent some important files or message, it can be removed quickly.

You can’t delete messages but Fiverr Customer Support might be able to!

Based on the headline of this thread, I had impossibly high hopes.


I share my gigs on social media hoping someone to order a gig for their need.
Today a Friend of mine messages me on Fiverr app for no reasons. I told him not to do anything stupid further and deleted the conversation.
Will it cause any problems to my account or my profile or my gig.
Please reply.


If you didn’t say anything that violated the TOS, then you should be perfectly fine!

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