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Deleting Negative reviews of a Scammer! ATTENTION

Today I wake up and see that 7 bad reviews from the same buyer, He’s a scammer, He told me to give him his money back or he’ll let the reviews.

I gave him all what he need and a 100% working project. He wrote some lies in the reviews,

I’m a 100% rating Saller and I give always Profissional works.

he made at first separated gigs and told me do the project so you can have good 7 rates.

and after he got what he need he menace me and said refund or get 7 bad rates :frowning:

I tried to contact him but he didn’t reply,

He’s a bad person : FRAGGLESROCK

Please I need help,

Any advices ?



Sheriff’s Note: Calling out others is not allowed on this Forum.

I strongly suggest to take this to CS and explain in detail what happen. If it is an abuse they will help for sure but try and explain it plain and simple. To avoid issues like this before delivering the final files get your buyer’s agreement to deliver by sending a sample draft with the completed work.

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Reply to @mystic_insight: I’ll not refund him, I passed more than 5 hours codding. and I gave him 2 projects. 100% working projects.

Reply to @radugeorgescu: Dear radugeorgescu ,Thank you for your advice :slight_smile:

Hi again,

I have Contacted the CS and unfortunately this is their answer.

"Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, we cannot remove a buyer’s feedback without their consent. Please communicate with your buyer, get their consent and let us know. We will be happy to assist you."

The scammer has took already 2 version of the work, and now he want to take the money too. i don’t know what else he want to take from me after.

And CS tell me we cannot remove the feedbacks without their consent.BUT he will not EVER consent.

what shall I do now ? from 100% to 94% rate from one buyer for one project in one day ??? is this Right Fiverr ?

That’s too bad. And CS thinks that Buyers don’t abuse sellers?

Reply to @steveeyes: Till now, Didn’t find any solution, the buyer keeps ignoring all my messages, the CS says that they can’t delete :confused: what can I do now ? I think I’ll make a decision to leave Fiverr. from that time that the scammer made the down votes, My orders reduces to 100% :confused:

If you can provide proof that you have been scammed, CS will remove the bad rates for you. I once encountered a scammer too and they removed his feedback for me. I had to promptly cancel the orders though because they said he could rate me again, so I still lost my money… But at least my rating was not affected. I hope this helps.

Reply to @james_illus: I have contacted the Support I’ve provided all they’ve asked(screenshots, conversations , the project …) I have even refund the buyer,

The buyer keeps ignoring me. the CS said They can’t remove his review till he accept ??? but HIS a cheap SCAMMER, How they asked me to get his acceptation… they know that I’ll not get his confirmation. this is his work, Skimming and stealing other buyers…

finally, The CS Has removed the reviews. :slight_smile:

Reply to @aladdindev:

I’m glad the situation is resolved :slight_smile:

Fiverr should really invest more time on trying to protect sellers instead of thinking up new rating systems like stars… Even letting the buyer’s rating show would help a lot.

Reply to @aladdindev: That’s great news! Have they told anything about it? Or they just did it?

Reply to @productivesam: thx, the first time there was an agent didn’t understand me and always says no I can’t help … actually I was wasting my time with him, and one day I thought to contact another agent so I made another Ticket, I wore everything in it, And it was a good CS agent,just from the first lettre, he has just removed the reviews.

Reply to @james_illus: Thank you James :slight_smile:

and you’re right ,Fiverr must think more to protect sellers.

Wow, fiver really is the wild west. Too many scams and short cons and, now, the latest true story of yet another extortion artist.

That’s a name I’ve seen before on this forum, and then earlier I read about a group offering to leave bad reviews on people’s competition for a few gig orders. Sheesh.

Glad your issue has been taken care of.

Reply to @aladdindev: Great! Thanks for the response :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: OH - rofl. Oops.