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Deleting of gigs by Fiverr


Hello guys. I am a writer and has been a seller on Fiverr for 3 years now. I major on academic research projects, general research and basically any kind of writing. I’ve actually had a great time as a seller until I lost my level 2 seller account - This is because I resorted to running another account, verified using the same number and both were brought down. That was however not an issue since I have a high regard for ethical operations.

What prompted me to rant is that after taking a break and setting up a new account, Fiverr brought down my writing gigs citing integrity issues. I’m sure this has befallen many individuals and not me alone. My question is, if Fiverr thinks some gigs should not be up, they should not provide options to list gigs that will eventually be brought down. This is very demoralizing since people some individuals have specialized in this field, there are options to list the particular gigs on the website and this scrutiny is also selective because some gigs in the same category are still selling.
I would recommend Fiverr to disband the ‘research and writing’ category or provide a criterion by which they use to limit some sellers. This would enable doers to concentrate their efforts where their input is appreciated.
Please tell me what you think fam, and whether any of you has had this kind of humiliating experience.

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Basically, doing someone’s homework (essays, academic papers, whatever) isn’t allowed, because it’s unethical. It helps students cheat at school. Other kinds of writing (articles, blog posts, books, ghostwriting, video scripts, copywriting…) are still allowed.


I think if they were serious enforcing the rules, the gig category should just be scrapped off since it’s somewhat inviting. Especially to users who offer equivalent services in other websites.


Why would they remove the research category? There are many legitimate reasons to hire a researcher.

And how can you say

and then offer thesis writing? Would you like a family member to be treated by a doctor who got his degree by getting someone else to do his homework?


It is there look out. Fiverr Don’t want any kind of unethical services, when ever they find such kind of things they will remove it. Before one year ago there are so many seller who sell Facebook likes, Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus Follower but that kind of service are unethical as they create fake following and likes so Fiverr delete all of them.

@catwriter is right.



It is not true!! It depends on various things. Fiverr also want to promote new seller sometimes to show their talent in Fiverr Community.


Makes much sense but my point is that there should be a total overhaul then. Of course people should offer gigs without being tentative of their longevity. Many sellers are blatantly selling these kind of services.


I looked up essay writing and while there are lots of gigs offering this, almost all have very few reviews and are new so I suspect that they are being shut down quickly. I only found one that had as many as 36 reviews and has been here since May. Most have only a few reviews or are new.


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This is kind of like saying: “If a store owner doesn’t want to be robbed, they should not leave the door unlocked from 9-5.”

I understand your frustration, but I don’t see the logic here. If you are a good writer with years of experience you can list a writing or editing gig that is allowed.


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