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Deleting old account which has no orders

I have an old account that I created 2 years ago. 5 active gigs with no orders. Clicks & impressions are ok.

  1. If I delete the old account and create a new one with the Same Gig content, is there any copyright issue?
  2. How long I have to wait to create new gigs with the same Pics & Contents?



I don’t think It’s gonna be a wise decision as the content will be same. If click and impression is ok then keep sending buyer request it will bring buyers.

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You don’t need to delete your old account. Because it doesn’t matter that your account is old or new. You can edit your GIG. Using eye-catching gig image and write an effective description and use targeted keywords in your title it will help you to rank your GIG and get order.

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I do think!
Deleting account isn’t necessary…
If gigs aren’t doing well create or edit gig…


i don’t know which is better. However, i wonder if it is negative for a seller to click on a gig and see that there is no order for so long time. They maybe affected by this and prefer to buy from someone else.

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this is why i want to delete, because a buyer can doubt why I am not getting orders for 2 years

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If you delete you can not use same images again and you can not use same profile image again.

I joined Fiverr as buyer 2017, did not use the site after I was scammed 400$, and started selling in April 2020 and now I am Level 2 (Level 1 in 4 months, Level 2 in two months).

No sales means nothing. Only thing you could get by getting new account is microscopic chance you will get Rising talent badge on your gig. Odds you will get it is 1:190000


This is not even an issue. 90% buyer don’t have the time to judge this little issue.

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thank you so much for your valuable info for giving and sharing us.