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Deleting Personal Information

My phone number is connected to another account on Fiverr and customer support won’t delete it. Any advice?

      **Me:** Please delete my phone number. My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.
      **Customer Support:** Send all your email addresses to prove the account is yours.

      **Me:** It's not my account. Can I confirm my phone ownership via text or code?
      **CS:** Please answer the security question on the account.

      **Me:** It's not my account. I don't know the answer. Can I confirm via text or code?
      **CS:** *no response*

It’s been 10 days. Any advice?


Knock CS another time.

How is it possible that your phone number links with another Fiverr account? Fiverr validates the phone number with an OTP while registering. So a person who has no access to your phone shouldn’t be able to create account with your mobile number. Asking from CS won’t help you in that case. because in their perspective they see you as a random person who’s asking to delete some one else’s phone number from their account. as that “someone” validated their mobile., CS care about that “someone”, not you.


Phone companies reuse/resell numbers all the time. Fiverr should have a way to get numbers deleted from previous accounts if you can confirm you are the present owner of that phone number.

I was asking for the number to be deleted not for the other account to be closed.

Do you have any advice?

Maybe post a reply on the existing ticket explaining the issue more clearly for them. Maybe attach some proof that the phone number belongs to you and also offer to verify the number is yours like you did but explaining things for them more clearly.

Maybe ask them to do some verification on the account that currently has that number too (though I’m not sure if they’d do that).

Isn’t it against the rules to post a phone number publically anyway?

If the other person has your current number up for their confirmation (of account) number, there’s no way they could actually confirm their account with it, and no one would ever call it unless Fiverr was confirming the account. How would you even know it’s on another account? Maybe CS thinks you have access to two accounts, which is also against the rules.

Tough situation. Hope there’s a solution for you.

either you ask for someone else’s account to be closed or you asked someone else’s account’s phone number to be deleted they are both seems to be same. basically, you’re asking for a change on an account that you’re not the owner of so there’s nothing to debate if Fiverr didn’t help you to solve this. If you think that you got a resold sim, I think for 99% of the time, you would need to buy another sim if you really need to connect to your fiverr account. Just saying, you may try whatever the way you think will work for you. :slight_smile: