Deleting review?


Is there any way you can delete a review that you, as a buyer, have left for a seller? I have a review that I left previously that I have since changed my mind on, and would like to delete it. Any help?


Yes, if you go back into the sale you can replace the review. Whatever the feedback may be, I encourage you to speak to the seller FIRST before you do so.

If you are having further issues and cannot make changes you can contact CS and they can change the feedback to whatever you wish. You can read more about rating your experience here:

Have a good one! :slight_smile:


If the buyer left whatever view allow others to see that. I guess buyers just want to showcase all perfect reviews, not reality. Some are late with the orders, some do a rush last minute job… Let the buyer review stand, Truth is always needed!!!


Reply to @backlinkbost: You have been posting nonsense all over the forums. From blatant self promotion, to unrelated ramblings, to UNhelpful and INaccurate information. Please stop.