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Deliberately placing orders by mistake?


I am have not used fiverr forum before.This is my very first post and the only reason I am here is that I am so so so disappointed today that I can not even explain in words!

I’ve been on fiverr for almost 7 months now.

Everything was just fine till a few days or perhaps 1 week ago.I just mounts of orders from different buyers.And after a while I paused my gigs not to receive any more orders.

After completing orders I just noticed that almost 10-15 orders are not relevant to my gig at all (I offer template based product explainer video).They placed their orders with CUSTOMIZED requests.And when I told them that I do not offer customized animation they did not even bother to reply.One person left a negative review just because I did not customize his order.

An other buyer placed 5 orders SEPARATELY not for GOD knows whatever reasons.Is he going to accept his mistake?I honestly DOUBT that?

Where is my mistake in all this guys?I’ve mentioned in my gig description very FIRST LINE BOLD AND HIGHLIGHTED that I do not offer customized work :frowning:

What about all my hard work?What about my cancellation ratio?

I am so disappointed friends am even thinking of quitting fiverr :frowning:

Can any one atleast tell me what is going to happen to cancellation ratio?If i cancel these 10-12 orders in a day?

And what about my ratting ? it has dropped down to 97 % :frowning:

If you get orders that ask for something you do not provide, you should immeadiately offer a mutual cancellation. Don’t just do the job that your gig does not offer and then chance getting a bad review. Mutual cancellations don’t hurt you, but if you got 10 orders today, I would email customer service to ask for assistance. Are all 10-12 of these from the same buyer?

Is your gig still paused? I do not see any explainer video gig on your page.

I shared the same sentiment awhile back and you wont be the first or last this happen to. First of all I am so sorry that you are experiencing this I think you should let Fiverr know and take screenshots of the orders, and you explaining to them clearly that you do not offer such. I too have a sentence on my description that says its best that buyers message me first before a buyer place an order, but until Fiverr does something we have no control over that. Best Wishes.