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Delievery Button Not Available in order

A buyer requested me and order started, Now after completing order i am not finding any option for delivery, There is no Delivery Button in order page, this is happening first time with me.
Please see screenshot.

Yeahh… I have this too… Order has to be delivered in a few hours. Well, that’s going to be a late order that’s not my fault. Can’t even send a message to the customer.

  • Mike

Thanks Mike,
Can you tell me any solution for this?

I’ve received a message saying this problem should now be resolved. If there are isolated remaining issues, please submit a ticket to Customer Support with screen shots and a clear statement about the problem. If other people are still having issues with the Delivery Button issues ONLY (not other problems) please respond to this thread.

I’m also having this problem with a 24h order. I’ve posted to facebook , its been 3hrs and nobody has looked at the ticket.
The order doesnt show up in my active orders , new orders , delivered order, nothing … just in my TO DO list… Which is strange…
It was a custom order with a +$10 addon eventually sent to it … if that helps…

I’ve sent them screenshots of what the whole page on my end looks like … uploaded them all in my ticket…

Are there others with this problem too still ?

mike - you can try putting their customer name in this link … obviously replacing the CUSTOMERNAME text… See if that lets you send them a message.

I sent my problem to fiverr Customer Support.

Same here!!! I think it happens when you send another extra offer. I need to feliver asap. Also the dashboard (To-do) timer is not in sync with the order oage timer after the extra offer was accepted. This is crazy