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Delighted to be here with all you lovely people

Hi all,
I’m a new Fiverr user, and have spent some time skulking around the forums before posting. As a new seller, I have picked up on an incredible amount of useful tips which I hope will help me do a better job of letting people know what I do (which is relatively niche)

So without naming names, I just wanted to thank everyone that posts in this forum. Just because you don’t get a reply doesn’t mean that people don’t value your knowledge.

And here’s a tip (since I’ve made a few sales within my first couple of weeks of joining); make sure you look around at what other successful people are doing - you can gain an incredible advantage just by looking at how people price and model their basic, standard and premium gigs. I want to give the best value for money for my customers but, starting out, I also don’t want to offer my expertise for nothing. Make sure you learn your own worth and you can always increase your prices as you gain more experience.


Welcome to the forum. I see you offer help with academic work which is not allowed on Fiverr. Your gig may be removed at any time. Check the updated Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Glad you are enjoying the forum!

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Thank you for making me aware of this - I did not realise that this would potentially be a gig that is not allowed. I have suspended the relevant gigs. A rather obvious newbie mistake that I did not spot myself.

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Here are some more important tips every seller should know [LONG]:

Congrats and best wishes!


Thank you very much for that - I shall make sure I read it in detail while I take a break from reading the Fiverr Terms of Service (also in detail)