Delivary on time rate has decreased


My delivery on time rate has decreased.Will it the cause for decreasing my gig view and sell?Then how to increase it?Please help me about this issue.


Please wait… Few minutes…It’s automatic counted… Don’t worry :slight_smile: Some times it’s happen :slight_smile:


Thanks for the informations.


Have you had orders delivered late?


No but buyer requested me a revision after delivery.


Yes that shows it is late although it is not your fault.

I would contact customer support about it if I were you.

Tell them it was only late because of a revision request.

Maybe they can adjust it I hope.


Can i shire my gig here for marketing? Please inform me.


No not here. :slight_smile:


No permission to shire gig ?


I have shired one already any problem ?please let me know.


You can only advertise your gigs in the forum category called My Fiverr Gigs. In any other category links to gigs are spam.