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Deliver +500$ orders,Cancelled by Customer Support for no reason

Three days ago, on new year’s eve, a buyer asked me to buy digital tokens for him.I gave him the code.The order is finished. Today, I find the order is canceled by customer support for no reason.I lost a lot of money.The buyer won’t reply.He even owe me 16$.But he is not on fiverr anymore.Also,he used the code.How can I get my money back.

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Only CS can help you. Sorry for:confused: your loss.

Are you sure it wasn’t a Paypal chargeback? Fiverr doesn’t do those, it’s from a cancellation through Paypal.

So you bought the tokens for him and he paid you to do that with the amount of the tokens, and then did a Paypal chargeback? It sounds like you got taken advantage of, but that’s seriously not smart to do what you did, if I am understanding this correctly. There is no way to get the money back you effectively “gave” him.

Didn’t you wonder why he would have someone else buy something for him when he could have easily done it himself?

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I didn’t know anything about PayPal chargeback before.I did a little search on the forum and found a lot of people had these issues.This may be the cause. About the order, the token is only available when you have the local debit card and know the language.Should have been more careful about it.Anyway, thank you for the info and your reply.

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Thank you for your reply.Waiting for their reply.