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Deliver Again After Complete

hi i complete my some work and send to buyer after buyer marked as complete.and the option is order complete now i want to send my complete work but there is no option to deliver again what can i do now?


If you have delivered incomplete work, you have violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

You can message the buyer and send them completed work through the inbox.


Buyer mark as complete order after i send the file in conversation now except of one file my other files not include in my gig.

Buyers cannot mark an order as completed if you haven’t delivered anything through the “deliver order” button.
You should deliver only complete work, otherwise it means you have not respected the deadline. In that case you should go to Resolution Center and request an extension of the delivery time.
Always set your gigs’ deadline based on your actual possibilities. It doesn’t make sense to put 1 day delivery so that buyers would think you offer faster services, while you cannot even respect it.
This is just some advice.


Don’t use the deliver button to send incomplete work. If you want to send them a file when the work isn’t finished you can just post it as an attachment on the order page (as a post, not using “deliver”).

Currently like has been said, use the inbox to send the completed work since there’s no option on the order page when it’s set to complete.