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Deliver Again : Previous materials still available?

Dear Forum,

Today I delivered a project ahead of schedule, and actually decided to use my free time to offer few additional versions of my work to the seller.

Upon using the option to Deliver Again, is the seller going to have access to the files sent earlier ? Or do I need to resend the whole package including original and additional versions ?

Thank you for your guidance,


Hi Hikari. I don’t have the formal answer, but a couple of thoughts…

Why not simply deliver your extra work as a message attachment along with a friendly message explaining what you’ve done?

Depending on your relationship with the buyer, could they claim you originally sent them incomplete work - and therefore try and cancel the order on a technicality? I know it’s unlikely - but we do read all sorts of horror stories on the forums!


I agree.

Send the extra work as an additional message after delivery. I would say not to use the delivery button to send these, because the original version is what you were asked to do. These are just variants, based on what I understand.


You made a good point. I just wanted to add some options to my clients as my order was involving voice acting, nothing to do with a potential cancel.

The thing is that if I want the additional material to be featured in the Live Portfolio I believe there is no other choice but to use the Deliver Again button (?)

I don’t know the answer! But I’d be interested to read what others write.

Thanks for sharing!!!

Yes, I am also agreed

You can just share it as a message with attached file.