Deliver an order within 2 hours and got 4.4 review


Last night, I offered a custom offer with trigger that I will deliver it in next few hours. It was accepted immediately.

I delivered the order within next 2 hours with message that revision is welcomed. The buyer marked ordered as completed and left 4.4 review.

I contacted the buyer and requested. If there is any issue with my work, let me improve it. In case of no issue please consider changing your review and rating. It is very important on my side as I am new on Fiverr

The buyer was still online but he did not reply at all.

It is about 2 months, I am on Fiverr and still putting efforts to achieve level 1.

What should I do now?


This reminds me of a regular buyer I had who left me a 4.7 (rated my service as not quite as described), but in the review said he was happy and he’ll come back, and even left me a tip. Buyers are weird sometimes, while other times there might be a bug or mistake.

What I can tell you for sure is that you can’t force a buyer to change their review, or even to answer you. If they chose to ignore your message, you have to move on and keep working towards your goal, improving your gig where you see fit (imagine yourself as being a buyer and look at your gig, or ask someone else to look at your gig and tell you why they would/would not buy it).


Thanks @Woofy31.

You are really helpful to Fiverr community.

I think my buyer was happy, too. Before delivery he messaged ,“Great, thanks so much, we appreciate your quick turn around. Have a good one!”

I was not expected this as it is clear from his words.


It was clear from my buyer’s words, too, yet he rated that my service isn’t exactly as described, for some reason, even though he said he’ll come back for more.

I’m curious: go to your order page and look at the rating/feedback - where did he rate lower than 5 stars? There should be 3 rating factors shown there, like this:


I think there is something wrong because Notification shows 4.4 review and on the rating page it is 4.3


That could have been a bug that sometimes happens when someone rates you through the app.


Here is a screenshot of notification


Well, he may have actually rated correctly - some people wouldn’t really buy a service again, which makes that 3rd factor rather weird IMO. It should be titled “recommend”, not “buy again”, because some buyers won’t buy again since they will not need the same service a second time…


@catwriter you are right. One of my customer tried to submit a review but could not. He said." It is my third time submitting a review but it is not working"

Finally, I requested for another try and this the review was submitted magically.


What do you think about the issue of different review rating on notification and actual rating page?


I think some buyers just do not understand the impact on feedback on sellers profiles. Although it would have been nice if they had actually replied to your question.

I think you have to accept this and move on put your enertgy into you gigs and promoting them. We alll have feedback like this sometimes please do not feel that you are alone x


You’ll amaze to this see this Buyer Feedback Review. “His words are so positive but Stars are Negative” - I recently got. After I asked to Buyer - i received funny thing and even CS is not helping on this!

So conclusion is : Buyers can do anything and No one do ask to them Bcuz they have lots of power And If sellers do any mistake then there will many thing happen with seller.!


@fast_editing Very sad, it means I am not alone.