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Deliver Button Gone!


Hi guys or any staff of fiverr. I had encountered a problem. After my client accepted my added custom offer (Source File Extra), the “Deliver Now” button was gone. I’ve tried using different browser but it’s still not there, in my other orders, there is a Deliver Button. can someone help me? I don’t want to let my client wait for it.

I can send you the order stab if you are a staff from fiverr.




Did you send this inquiry to Customer Support? Only they can help you. Not sure where the deliver button went… how odd. On the page where you have your queue of orders, does this order show up? Is there a Deliver Now button next to it? Could it be that the order is waiting for the client to submit the requirements? I have not had this happen to me before.



Yeah, it’s very odd. in my dashboard, the order show up and it has a “Deliver Now” button next to it, but when I click that, it goes to that page, no “Deliver Now” button. I already sent them a ticket, still waiting for their reply, however that order is now late…


I have a problem like that one! There is no upload button under any conversation including in the delivery window. I click deliver now and the window appears normally but there is no upload button. If your problem is fixed please tell me what you did. Thanks.


I cant upload my files to deliver either. Its not working. It does not give me the option/button to attach files when i click on the Deliver function. What is going on. My deadline is lurking on my head and i have to deliver to the client asap.

Anybody else facing the same issue? Fiverr admins please resolve this issue immediately


Same started happening to me also once buyer accepted my custom offer on order page. Delivery as well as message button gone on order page.


ditto, happening to me too and CS is not responding to me…delivery is due in just a couple of hours now and I put the request in 3 days ago. Nice.


Fiverr was working fine and i was earning good money , and suddenly i stopped receiving orders for almost 3 days straight ,i din’t know the reason when suddenly one of my buyers messaged me that whenever he tries to buy my gig it displays an error “Transaction Failed” and he requested that i deleted my Cache and Cookies to make it right , i don’t know if its a scam or fx , can anyone help me ? And fast please ?


Reply to @meekowdesigns: Take a screenshot and sent to Customer Support. They will help surely.