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DELIVER BUTTON is missing, i can't delivery my order [URGENTLY]


  • Missing DELIVER BUTTON in order, i can’t delivery order time go down…
  • I can’t contact whit customer in order, and also i can’t talk in inbox.


After customer make order Regular 5$, he tell me that is need faster and we decide for +5$.
After he accept offer, i don’t see DELIVER BUTTON i can’t send him Final Product, also i can’t contact him. Will be too late, after some hours… :frowning:
Also i try whit other broswers is same.

Some one to know advice?
Or where to contact whit Admin/Support for bug?


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There is nothing anyone on the forum can do to help with this. You need to contact Customer Support.

I still have that problem.
Time go down…

Thank you for help.

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several of us facing this problem today …

I call support he help me

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Mine keeps going in and out constantly.