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"Deliver" button suggestion


My account was flagged today for “abusing the Deliver button”. I had no idea I was breaking the rules by communicating with clients using the Deliver button…and I will never do it again. I realize I should know Fiverr’s TOS frontwards and backwards…this mistake is clearly on me.
But maybe Fiverr could design the Deliver button not to work unless something is attached…or, better yet…currently a message does pop up when the Deliver button is used without an attachment asking if you want to continue without an attachment. Maybe it should say…WARNING:"If you use the Delivery button without an attachment, you are in violation of Fivver’s TOS and your account will be suspended. This type of warning would stop bozos like me from making an innocent mistake.

Thanks for listening.


It wouldn’t occur to most people to use deliver button just to send messages.
You’re a level two seller and you’ve been here four years so I’m sure you know what that button is for. And it says deliver on it.


Excellent point! Thanks.


I have never heard of anyone else who accidentally used the Deliver button. I don’t think this is a normal issue. It’s usually very obvious that “deliver” means to literally deliver an order. Your post is here in case staff happens in, but this is pretty unusual.


This will not be a suitable message. because I personally do deliver orders without attaching anything since i do some bug fixes on current up and running web sites. so there will be nothing to deliver (as an attachment). Deliver without an attachment will be a ToS violation only if that delivery is reviewed by the CS and they found that order should delivered with an attachment. :slightly_smiling_face:


This post is confusing the heck out of me…am I missing something? For one, anytime I accidentally forget to attach my finished product, I actually do get a pop up message asking if I’m sure I want to deliver without an attachment (and it also has a warning that basically says “If you’re intentionally sending nothing just to mark this as delivered, that’s a big no-no”). Does no one else get that same warning message? I get it on the app and on the website.

Secondly, when you say you’ve been using the deliver button just to send messages but had no idea it was a problem, there are so many things that don’t seem to add up.

  1. Using the deliver button removes that order from your dashboard. If I continually marked unfinished orders as delivered, I’m sure some would slip through the cracks and remain unfinished. I’m not sure how frequently you receive orders, but I often rely heavily on my dashboard to make sure I’m keeping up with everything…so anything that messes with that would be a huge inconvenience.

  2. Using the deliver button stops the delivery time clock. It never occurred to you that stopping the clock before delivery might look a little sketchy?

  3. There are two other chatting options aside from the deliver button: the chat box at the bottom of your order, and your inbox. If someone messages you within an order, the easiest and most obvious way to respond to them is not through the deliver button…it’s through the in-order chat (especially if you’re using the Fiverr app). Using the deliver button seems like it’s the most out-of-the-way option when messaging clients.

I totally understand being oblivious or unclear on certain ToS rules - I’ve been there and it was 100% innocent. But, this seems like such a blatantly deceitful move that I’m having a tough time wrapping my head around your surprise that this isn’t common. I’m not saying you’re full of it - I just honestly don’t get it.

On top of that, your suggested solution to all of this already exists is some form…but it sounds like you (and possibly others) don’t receive the same warning message I do when you forget to add an attachment.

And then there’s the ultimate question with all of this: why did I take so much time to write this? I should go to bed.


I think it is for everyone like this. You can’t click on deliver button without getting pop up message like that.


That was a detailed well written explanation of why this thread doesn’t make sense. We need to hear from you more on the forum. You express yourself very well.


I’m flattered - thanks!


They do make it quite clear that it’s not to be used except for final deliveries.

On the other hand, however, it’s a big green button that draws your eye and I certainly can’t deny having accidentally clicked it before.


I think it’s easy to accidentally click it, but once the attachment warning pops up you can see that it’s not the inbox or order messaging page. I’ve probably clicked it but not actually sent a message without a delivery. Most people (not every single one) that deliver something that doesn’t require an attachment still send a screenshot or something. I think there might be a tiny percentage of people who don’t actually send an attachment and might ignore the attachment warning, but I still doubt most of them don’t realize they are supposed to be delivering. :smiley:

I have to agree with


It’s ok to accidentally click it, but notification will save the day if you read it before click ok


yes. I had the same experience. Good topic to discuss.


misscrystal beat me to it lol