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Deliver files exceeded fiverr attach max size 150MB

i like to know your opinion. i know there are lot of sellers deliver files not meet 150MB limit.
i uploaded my files in to dropbox and send link as a deliver but problem is some buyers didn’t like it. any suggestions ?

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Try something else, like Google Drive, OneDrive, etc, if they don’t like it, then that’s just too bad, as there’s not a lot we can actually do until Fiverr upgrades their upload limit!

yes i have a bad experience with this. buyers like to get their orders trough fiverr
fiverr please upgrades your upload limit.

thank for your idea

Zip file may help…but in most cases the buyers don’t know how to unzip the file and also sometimes it may not result to size matches the fiverr limit…so better use Dropbox and explain them that they are just a click away from the file they want…I think they will understand that…

Uplaod SAMPLE on fiverr and any large file on other cloud service

Using DropBox.

thanks for your idea

yes it’s easy to use but some buyer didn’t like it

Dropbox and Google Drive seem the best in my opinion. Most people have gmail, so using Google Drive shouldn’t cause them much issues. Or use a file host service like WeTransfer, rapidshare, and so on. Unless you can break up your file into multiple files…

Thanks my friend google drive is great idea thanks

that’s great recently i used google drive with zip files