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Deliver Gig not working? :(

I tried delivering a gig about 5 times, would always crash around 90% completion, the file was under the 150MB limit, was about 130MB, just wouldn’t upload, so I eventually gave up and used a third party host, anyone else experiencing this? :frowning:

150MB is the limit for all the uploaded files, while a single file cannot exceed 100MB.
If rules haven’t changed, this is how it works…

Dropbox link is the most reliable for those big files.

Reply to @mark74: Really I thought it was 150MB for everything, I mean that’s pretty silly been able to have a combined upload limit of 150MB and only a 100MB for one file, why not just make it 150 MB all up for everything, would save confusion as well because I can’t see anywhere on the Deliver options that even remotely explains this? :confused:
That been said if that is so, then it would make sense while it failed every time but even still Fiverr should probably concentrate on getting more server space so we can upload larger files or at least partner up with a third party host, 100MB limit for one file just doesn’t cut it when you’re editing HD video or batch conversions of WAV/FLAC files, LOL :slight_smile:

Reply to @r3k0d3d: even if I could partially agree with you, there are loads of solutions to this problem. Cloud sharing platforms are pretty easy to find nowadays, so I help myself sharing files through Dropbox or Barracuda Copy.

Reply to @mark74: Oh yeah there’s a plethora of third party hosts you can use, I have plenty of them at my disposal but it would be nice if Fiverr could up their game and add some more space for us to work with, so we didn’t have to use these services :slight_smile: