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Deliver project outside fiverr

Hi guys I want help !!!

I worked on the project for my client .

But he wants to show the video to his partners before marking my order complete.

And for this he asked me to upload the video on VMEO so that he can show it to their partners.

But I am afraid of this as this may occurs into fraud with me …Because if I upload the video outside fiverr than he will ask me for order cancellation as he already have the project file uploaded to VMEO.


I did all the hard work on the project and I am in problem now…so can anyone help me out of this :slight_smile:

I would submit through Fiverr, explain that’s why you go through Fiverr to protect you and your clients - and offer to upload to the service so it can be shared afterwards. You can then explain that the buyer has three days to request a modification so encourage him to share it with the partners immediately.

So should I upload the video to VMEO…??

Send in delivery over fiverr without watermark.
Put Huge and Gigantic watermark all over the video and upload it,
it helps on 4 ways
1)Your client will agree with it and will show video to his partners;
or 2) He will not agree on it and will use video delivered on fiverr,
or 3) He will show his right face (of scamer) and will ask for refund
or 4) in 3) he will not be able to do this as you delivered video to him over fiverr and he must give proper reason to get refund or give bad review. :slight_smile:

Trust me it works every time

limit the order within fiverr

This is smart, do this.

thank you sir :slight_smile:

I will try this

Sir what if he apply for mutual cancellation request …should I accept it or wait for FIVERR CUSTOMER SUPPORT to handle this request because I did all the hard work on the video and now I don’t want to cancel after all this…please let me know…thanks :slight_smile:

If you did the work do not accept any mutual cancellation request.
If you do the work you get paid.

As I said in 4) He must provide very good reason to ask for refund or to give bad review. With both fiverr support will be on your side if he does not have :slight_smile:

I upload outside Fiverr all the time as I work in video and Fiverr size limits don’t allow a lot of my projects to upload. I provide the link via an order completion on the gig. That shows delivery. If they don’t like they can use revision process. If they do, then you’re done.

Do they ever say they dislike it and want a refund?

Yes, only submit through Fiverr with your copyright if possible.

Thank you sir !!!

But I read in some cases that buyer filed a dispute through PayPal after months of completion of order.And in that case Fiver always supported Buyers :frowning:

I don’t want these kind of things in the future where my balance go in negative value.

I am so much afraid because the order is of 1500$.

Please help me on this.thanks!!!

No they like it very much and don’t want any mutual cancellations either.
But when they ask me to upload it on VMEO than I felt something weird about it.

I would say that there is definitely something fishy about asking you to upload the video. If I were you, I would ask for an extra $5 or so to cover the cost and explain that you will only be able to upload a watermarked video as all your work is watermarked until orders are accepted and paid for.

The apprehension is possibly just because the order was of a huge value. Next time, I suggest getting paid in milestones for such a huge order. This way you’ll know earlier on in the project if your client is serious about paying you or not…
For the time being, uploading a watermarked version is the right way to move forward.
Good luck

Sir is there any maximum time period limit in which the buyer can claim a dispute on Pay Pal or they can do it any time…??

Hello Raj! Just show the video to the buyer in LOW quality (less resolution) plus put your watermark (name or text) in the video. You should not upload it on vmeo.

Well, you’re pretty much screwed if that happens. However, with such a large order, Fiverr could help you out. But PayPal disputes aren’t that common. Do good work and you will be absolutely fine in 99.999999% of cases.