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Deliver project outside fiverr

If he’s relatively happy with the work, and just wants to show his partners, you can offer to do a limited amount of edits after the order is completed, but state that you won’t upload it to any video sites until it’s completed, if you’re comfortable with that.
If you’re unsure of something, you can always tell your customers what your personal policy is, and offer a compromise that you’d be more comfortable and confident with.

Hope that helps at all.

That happens even when order is going totally fine, thanks God never happened to me.

My Order automatically marked completed yesterday.

And I hope no dispute occurs on this project.

Because if the buyer gets his money back than he will come back again with different username because he knew that this guy will do great work for him and after getting the work …we can again file dispute and Fiverr will give us our money back.

Because suspension is never a big deal for the buyer as he don’t have to show any reviews to seller to get the work done neither he have to invest any money in setting up his new account.

And there is no point in accepting the big orders because there will be sense of fear in us that the buyer may put the dispute to get his money back.

Very good way.

I hope you don’t get any also…If it were me, I would tell him that I can not send the file over any other way. Only through Fiverr. Webchielf’s way is a good one, but I would do it ONLY if I really have to.

Hi there, I have a promotional gig where I upload the video onto 4 major social media sites after a positive review is made. This way I get the order closed with a positive review and I do my part on the promotional part as uploading it to a few websites to help promote. This maybe something you can also offer as another gig if you get more than one buyer asking you to upload it onto a social media site. Just a thought. I wish you the best in what you do, Quincy

thank you sir I will try this one :slight_smile: